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The Rev. Dr. Robert Bowman: “The Fourth Beatitude” (Matthew 5:6)

June 23, 2007

Continuing with his series on the Sermon on the Mount, Dr. Robert Bowman of St. Luke’s REC in California gives us The Fourth Beatitude. This sermon is of course based on Matthew 5:6, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.” And Dr. Bowman does his usual excellent exposition of this passage; he asks “what does it mean, to hunger and thirst after righteousness?” and answers thusly:

We cannot rely on self for our salvation. This is like intense physical hunger and thirst, causing us to cry out to God for the filling of His holiness in our lives. Psalm 42. How much do you want to live a righteous life in Christ? Do you want it as much as a starving person wants food? As much as a parched person wants water? Hungering and thirsting means to be desperate for Christ.

As Bishop Ryle writes in his Commentary on Matthew, “The Lord Jesus calls those blessed, who hunger and thirst after righteousness. He means those who desire above all things to be entirely conformed to the mind of God. They long not so much to be rich, or wealthy, or learned, as to be holy. Blessed are all such! They shall have enough one day. They shall “awake up after God’s likeness and be satisfied.” (Psalm. 17:15.)” This is in agreement with what Dr. Bowman says as well, if you’ll listen to this excellent sermon.

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