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The Rev. William Klock: “Sins of the Tongue”

September 20, 2008

Continuing with his great series on “Respectable Sins”, the Rev. William Klock of Living Word Reformed Episcopal Church in British Columbia gives us a sermon on Sins of the Tongue.  Fr. Bill here gives sound, Biblical counsel on dealing with sin – particularly sins of the tongue:

Do you remember Jesus talking about casting out demons?  It’s not enough to cast out the demon – if that’s all you do it’ll just come back.  You have to sweep the house, put it in order, and let God’s Spirit fill it – then the demon can’t come back.  You see sin is like that.  World and flesh are just as much – probably even more so – sources of temptation.  When you deal with sin in your life – when you’ve recognised the sin – it isn’t enough to just stop the sinful behaviour; you have to replace it with righteous behaviour.  Sinful behaviour patterns always have to be replaced by righteous ones.  It’s not enough to just put off the old man – you have to put on the new one in his place.  This is one of the most important principles we can learn when it comes to our sanctification.  Don’t just put off sin; you have to replace it with something righteous.

So St. Paul says, “Don’t let any corrupt talk come out of your mouth.”  How do we define “corrupt talk.”  It’s not just profanity or vulgar things we speak – in fact, those things are a lot less serious than what Paul really has in find.  Corrupt talk includes things like lying, slander, harsh words, insults, sarcasm, ridicule, and harsh speech.  And notice that Paul gives us an absolute: No corrupt talk.  No gossip.  No sarcasm.  No critical or harsh speech.  No insults.  Anything that has even a little bit of a tendency to tear others down is to be put off – to be removed from our speech.  Think about what the Church would be like if all of that stuff was gone.  We think these things are acceptable, but take some time to think about all the damage they do – even within the Body of Christ.

I’d say all of us have seen this damage happen, in our own lives and the lives of others!  This is a sermon worth your time; if you’d like to hear it, you can do so here.

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