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The Rev. Jonathan Redfearn: “The One Enthroned” (Psalm 2)

September 29, 2008

From the Rev. Jonathan Redfearn of Jesmond Parish Church in the United Kingdom, here is a heartening sermon on the messianic promise of Psalm 2, The One Enthroned. Rev. Redfearn’s introduction sets the stage very well:

If you caught the start of the BBC’s coverage of the Olympic Games you may have seen their attempted interview with a Chinese pastor of a non state registered church. They’d followed the authorities’ rules and agreed a place and time to meet. But still the Chinese police got to the pastor first and so all the reporter could do was shout a couple of questions up to the window where the pastor was being held. One of the questions was, “Why won’t they let you talk to us?” The pastor shouted back, “Because of what I might say about their record on human rights and religious freedom.” The police then took the pastor away and held him for seven hours before letting him go. One wonders what would have happened to that bold pastor if the cameras had not been there.
Psalm 2 must be a great encouragement to pastors like him as it declares who is ultimately reigning and in control and who will triumph – Jesus Christ the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. God says in v6:

“I have installed my King on Zion, my holy hill… [and said to his King, v8]… I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession. You will rule them with an iron sceptre; you will dash them to pieces like pottery.” (Psalm 2.6)And this is a great encouragement to us too as we see the nations rage including our own, the peoples plot and rulers gather together against the Lord and his Anointed One. Psalm 2 was certainly an encouragement to the first believers when they faced opposition from the chief priests and elders in Acts 4. They quoted it as they looked to the Sovereign Lord in prayer and asked that he would enable them to speak the Word of God with great boldness in spite of the threats they faced. By God’s power the church in Jerusalem grew very large – maybe as large as 100,000 – and in China today the church is growing rapidly too in spite of persecution. The Bible Society reckons that 100,000 are being added to the church every week in China. The nations rage and the people’s plot in vain (v1). We need to pray and work for this nation and its leaders to turn to Jesus and serve him as their true King – to kiss the Son – as it’s put in v12 and know the blessedness of taking refuge in him instead of being dashed to pieces like pottery. Unlike the leaders of the nations who come and go Jesus is the King who stands forever and who rules with love and justice.

You see the Psalms don’t just help us in times of need they also point us to Jesus and tell us about him. In fact the book of Psalms is the most quoted book in the New Testament. And Jesus himself taught that the whole Bible including the Psalms were actually about him. And Psalm 2 is no exception. It is referred to 18 times in the New Testament. Acts 4:25 tells us that it is by David. In its original context it was probably a coronation psalm, sung to the new King as he sat on his throne. But the Apostles saw that its ultimate fulfilment is in Jesus Christ.

I cannot commend the rest of this sermon highly enough, and if you’d like to listen to it, you may do so here. Note a major point of this message: we cannot flee from the Lord, but we can flee to Him. What a blessing it is to find refuge in Him!

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