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The Rev. Dcn. Lawrence Jones: “Redeeming Pity” (Luke 7:11-17)

September 29, 2010

Here is a sermon that was preached for the Sixteenth Sunday After Trinity by Deacon Lawrence Jones at St. Thomas of Canterbury REC in Texas, which is titled Redeeming Pity.  Deacon Jones in this message uses the Collect from the BCP with the Scripture passage from Luke 7:11-17 (the account of the Widow of Nain) to show us what true pity is for the Christian.  He truly gives us a convicting contrast between the worldly view of “pity” and God’s view:

Where Satan would have us believe that pity is based in fear and loathing, distant and impersonal, disassociating us from our fellow man. Real pity is a denial of all the world says that pity is. God pitied us, and in that pity he did things for us. Our readings give us the flavor of what real pity looks like. In our Old Testament lesson, we see God’s pity includes bringing His people to safety, giving them one heart and one way, making covenant with them (which involves drawing very close), not wanting to have His people depart from Him, rejoicing over them, planting them in the land and bringing them good.

In our Psalter we were shown that the Lord hears our voice and listens to our supplications, that He is merciful and preserves the simple (very good news for me), He saves us as we are bought low and give our souls rest. He gives us the cup of salvation. We also learn that the death of His saints is precious to Him. Well, that last does sound a little uncaring doesn’t it? At least until we remember that with our deaths He draws us yet closer to Him.

It is an interesting array we have this morning the attributes of our God’s pity. We are led to believe by our Epistle lesson and it’s context in the readings that this pity is all based in love and that it is part of the fullness of God, a fullness which will fill us if we are rooted and grounded in love.

There is a lot to think about here, and I hope you’ll read the entire sermon – for it does indeed show another example of how far we have fallen.

(10/07/10 – Edited to correct the preacher’s name.)

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