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Mark Steyn: “It Starts With the Money”

October 26, 2010

From the always worth-reading Mark Steyn, and in time for our elections, here is another essay, It Starts With the Money.  He is on target with the whole essay, but this paragraph sums up things pretty well:

As I said, the decline of great powers invariably starts with the money. When government spends on the scale Washington’s got used to, that’s not a spending issue, it’s a moral one. There’s nothing virtuous about “caring” “compassionate” “progressives” being caring and compassionate and progressive with money yet to be earned by generations yet to be born. That’s what “fiscal conservatives” often miss: This isn’t a green-eyeshade issue. Increasing dependency, disincentivizing self-reliance, absolving the citizenry from responsibility for their actions: The multitrillion-dollar debt catastrophe is not the problem but merely the symptom. It’s not just about balancing the books, but about something more basic and profound.

If we are going to turn things around, we really do need to start with this next week’s elections – but read and think about what Mark Steyn is saying.

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  1. Benton H Marder permalink
    October 30, 2010 10:51 pm

    Brother Mark has hit it right on the nose.

    If we look at just about every issue roiling the country, we will sewek the moral dimension of every single one.

    For too long, we have looked at the issues in terms of politics, economics,jurisprudence—any which way to avoid looking at the moral dimension.

    Yes, when it comes to the down and dirty, the nitty-gritty, there is a moral dimension we don’t want to confront.

    Heaven protect us!


    • October 31, 2010 12:02 am

      Brother Benton,

      You are so right…there are moral factors behind every decision made in the political or cultural sphere (and the economic as well) – and there are moral consequences as well. If we could all see this we would be so much better off as a society…

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