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Frs. Hart and Wells on Articles I and II of the Thirty-Nine Articles

November 19, 2010

Frs. Robert Hart and Laurence Wells of the Continuum blog have begun what I think will be a most promising series of essays on the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion.  As of Thursday they have posted the essay titled Articles I to VIII: The Catholic Faith – Concerning Articles I and II which deals with the first two of the Articles (“Of Faith in the Holy Trinity” and “Of the Word, or Son of God, who was made very man”).  I would say that this paragraph by Fr. Hart sums up very well one important reason I think the Articles are most relevant for today, and why it is my hope that these essays by Frs. Hart and Wells will help overcome some of the bias against the Articles in some quarters:

…That the Divinity of the Son was settled finally over the question of our salvation from sin and death, takes on special relevance for the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion as a publication of the English Reformation. For, in Articles that follow, the teaching that salvation comes only through Jesus Christ, and that works, merits of saints, indulgences and sacrifices of Masses (in the double plural) cannot save us from sin and death, was based on the revelation that the One who saves us is Himself both God and man. It is not only that he died for us, but Who He is that died for us, that is at the center of orthodox Christology. The corruptions, heresies and false practices that had grown up in previous centuries, and that had come to dreadful fruition in their own time, needed to be washed away to protect the revelation of Who the Lord Jesus Christ is.

I hope you’ll follow this series on the Continuum, and remember that if you need to refer to some of the referenced texts on the Articles, you will likely find some of them on my page, Resources on the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion.


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