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Prof. Victor Davis Hanson: “But That’s What Community Organizers Do”

February 23, 2011

Have you noticed that the current U.S. presidential administration seems to be in campaign mode rather than governance mode – only two years into this term (and in a time of crisis unlike any since the late 1970’s)?  Prof. Victor Davis Hanson shows us why this may be so, in an incisive column titled But That’s What Community Organizers Do.  As Prof. Hanson says,

President Obama need not worry about budget deficits in the manner of Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Unlike state officials, he can print money, and raise fees and taxes. The nation’s more affluent, unlike blue-state refugees seeking red-state low tax sanctuaries, cannot flee anywhere. That makes it easy for President Obama to weigh in on the Wisconsin unrest by suggesting an insolvent state government was more interested in destroying the public unions than meeting a $3 billion budget shortfall.

That characteristic eagerness to grandstand on extraneous issues, while ignoring federal crises, is characteristic of this administration. It will not make meaningful progress in addressing its own massive trillion-dollar debts, reexamine the looming disaster of ObamaCare, gear up to produce more gas and oil in the face of skyrocketing energy costs, or seriously explore ways to get unemployment down below 9%.

Prof. Hanson certainly has more to say about this curious tendency of the President to meddle where he does not need to meddle, and to not be involved where he sorely needs to be involved – and capably: foreign affairs being one of those areas.  Hoo boy, is all I can say…that, and please pray for the USA.

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