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Prof. Victor Davis Hanson: “Our Ten Trillion-Dollar Man”

July 25, 2011

Writing for Pajamas Media, Prof. Victor Davis Hanson has written another incisive column, Our Ten Trillion-Dollar Man, looking at Obama and the consequences of his election.  This short excerpt certainly makes his point:

Obama, you see, is our nemesis. He is a totem, the logical manifestation of a warped media, the reification of some crazy—and arrogant—ideas about redistributive politics, the statist economy, and cultural and social life that permeated American life the last forty years. He is the president with a 1,000 faces that we have all seen at work, on TV, throughout American life, and at some point the odds determined that we had to have a rendezvous with him—perhaps a catharsis to teach us the wages of Keynesian debt, of a social policy contrary to human nature with its equality of result doctrines, of an all-powerful, all-growing unaccountable government, of the now hip ambiguity about past American protocols and history. Obama is the exaggeration of all the dubious ideas that arose since the 1960s—brought to fruition on his watch, delivered by mellifluous cadences by an untouchable persona.

I do wonder how many people are aware of the perilous state of the American Republic – are there more now than in November 2008?

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