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Prof. Victor Davis Hanson: “The Great Obama Catharsis”

September 23, 2011

From Prof. Victor Davis Hanson comes this essay on The Great Obama Catharsis.  I tend to agree with him on most of what he says in the essay, but I admit I wonder if he is a bit optimistic when he writes:

Had McCain been elected, or had Obama proved a canny Clinton triangulator, we would never have gotten out of the bipartisan rut of massive borrowing, growing government, higher taxes, and unionized public employee regulators. But with Obama as the great liberal deliverer and with the masses scared to death of Him, the next president will inherit an America in catharsis. The future is uncertain, but at least now, after our cauterizing, we have some sort of chance to return to the old principles that might save us.

IF the Democrats lose in 2012, I think Prof. Hanson will be right: we will have a chance to change directions.  But there are enough people whose minds have still not been changed that at this point there is no way I would allow myself to become overconfident of victory in 2012, if I were one of those who hopes to be the Republican nominee.  There are times it really seems to me that the observation that the USA is divided 40 – 20 – 40, with there being 40 percent confirmed liberal and 40 percent solid conservative, each striving to win the 20 percent in the middle, is correct.  And if the media performs as abominably as they did in 2008, it will be that much harder for the GOP to win that 20 percent in the middle.  But I do think it can be done, and Prof. Hanson’s essay is well worth reading.

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