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Another text on the Thirty-Nine Articles now online

September 28, 2011

Tonight I have come across an additional text on the Thirty-Nine Articles – this one written from what I would call a “conversational” approach.  (In some ways it is very reminiscent (stylistically, anyway) of Easy Chairs, Hard Words by Douglas Wilson.)  The book to which I refer is Conversations on the Thirty-Nine Articles by the Rev. Kirby A. Trimmer, which was published in 1837.  It is interesting to me that the “conversations” held in this book portray the author as endeavoring to educate his parishioners about the Articles of Religion, and having to do so from a position of unfamiliarity on their part.  (The first “conversation” portrays that parishioner as not realizing the Articles were contained in her Book of Common Prayer; I suppose things were not much different then than now in some parishes.)

Rev. Trimmer, in his Preface, says this about his purpose:

The design of these Conversations is to direct attention to the following facts: namely, that the Church of England is scriptural in her doctrines, charitable in her spirit, primitive in her government; that in her the pure Word of God is preached, and the sacraments administered according to Christ’s ordinance; and that “it is contrary to Christian unity to separate ourselves from a Church which follows the doctrines and ordinances of Christ and His Apostles, and answers every good end of Christian worship and Christian fellowship.”

I think he largely succeeded in his purpose – see what you think.

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