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Three interesting online theological education sites

October 1, 2011

Tonight I wanted to mention three online theological education sites I have either learned about from friends, or came across myself.  The first of these is the Global Anglican Theological Institute,  which is directed by the Rev. Dr. Robert J. Sanders.  This site is aimed at providing materials for small group study, and I think the Christian Basics portion would be very well suited for an adult Sunday School class to work through.  (If you are a clergyman or scholar, the Global Anglican Theological Institute even has a submission guideline page if you might be interested in writing for them.)  Note there is no charge for these materials.

The second site I wanted to mention is the Online Apologetics Academy.  This site actually has an online Apologetics Certificate Program for the person who wants to truly familiarize themselves with a wide spectrum of Christian thought and prepare themselves for even deeper study. It is very reasonably priced and uses virtual conferencing to allow students to hear such thinkers as Dr. Gary Habermas.  Using the academy’s virtual conferencing software, Dr. Habermas will present two 90 minute lectures with Q+A in the first week of November, with the topics “The positive evidence for the Jesus of History” and “Christianity and the Resurrection”.  ALL session students can attend, regardless of what courses they are taking!  If you want to hear Dr. Habermas but don’t want to take a course, you can click here.

And the last distance education site I want to mention is the Moore Theological College Department of External Studies.  This Australian site is certainly the most formal of the sites I am mentioning tonight, and they offer a ​Certificate in Theo​logy.  This program is also very reasonably priced, and students take eighteen units in three stages (six units per stage).  As an example, the first stage, the “Preliminary Theological Certificate”,  requires courses such as an overview of the Bible, and introductions to the Old and New Testaments.  This program is definitely worth a look for anyone who wants to gain a good education.

There are times I doubt the worth of the Internet; I actually think its use has in someways rewired our brains to think and process information differently than we did before, say. 2000 – and not in a good way.  But there is no doubt to me that such training as that offered by these three sites is a good and redeeming use of the Internet.  For such I am thankful.

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