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Added to the Resources page: E. Tyrrell Green’s text on the Thirty-Nine Articles

October 26, 2011

I have previously mentioned the work by E. Tyrrell Green titled The Thirty-Nine Articles and the Age of the Reformation.  This book by Green, who was an Anglo-Catholic, is interesting for his take on the place of the Articles – but somehow I never added it to the list of texts on the Resources page.  That has now been remedied and it is available in PDF format at the link above.

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  1. October 26, 2011 9:22 pm

    Will, I hope you won’t mind if I am a little amused at the comment about Anglo-Catholics. It is such a non-descriptive term and has been for far too long. Those of us who have thought of ourselves as such and have been essentially prayer book fundamentalists, high Churchmen who believe in the Articles, the fathers, the Creeds and councils and full obedience to the prayer book as it is. We know it is not perfect, but what is except God? We simply want folk to love the prayer book faith as we do.

    • October 26, 2011 10:25 pm

      Bishop Lee,

      I do see your point, I think. I guess I think of those who fit your description as High Church, even “Catholic Anglican”, perhaps – with the “Catholic” modifying the “Anglican”. (Fr. Hart would fall into that category, I think – as would Tyrrell Green, I suppose.)

      “Anglo-Catholic” might better apply, now that you have me thinking about it, to someone who wants to disregard the Articles and not necessarily be a “prayer book fundamentalist.” Am I getting warmer?

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