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“A Traditional BCP Anglican” on the First Sunday in Advent

November 29, 2011

Fr. Dennis of A Traditional BCP Anglican has written this short meditation for the First Sunday in Advent.  I found it to be worth thinking about as we enter this penitential season, and prepare for our Lord’s coming – particularly what he writes about “putting on Christ”:

Earthly history and human life move on. So the time of salvation for the faithful keeps drawing closer. Anticipation of Christ’s final coming means that we must wake up in a spiritual sense. We must cast off our old fallen dark ways and put on the gracious goodness already offered by Christ, the armor of light. Or as Romans 13:14 says, “…put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ….

Putting on Christ is another way of speaking of allowing Christ to come in, permeate and cover our moral and spiritual lives. The only way for us to prepare for Christ’s final coming is to have Him already have come into our hearts, minds and souls many times to transform us into His likeness. Advent is a time on the church calendar when we try to be more aware of our need to have Christ come into our lives in a more profound manner, a time to rouse ourselves from spiritual lethargy and allow Christ to clothe us with His presence in new and deeper ways.

Fr. Dennis is so right about this: we should seek to be ready for His final coming by being transformed into His likeness.  That is a worthwhile goal for each of us to seek this Advent.

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