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Abp. Peter Jensen: “God Becomes Our Neighbour”

December 29, 2011

For another message on the Incarnation, here is a Christmas message from Archbishop Peter Jensen of Sydney, titled God Becomes Our Neighbour.   He sums it up with this note of joy:

We are mere flesh, you and I. Vulnerable flesh and in our flesh we cannot see the God who gives eternal life. But the Word of God became flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth. Such is the joy of that great event, that today the world stops still, in order to celebrate and to sing the praises of God. For your deepest fears and anxieties are not petty and trivial to this God; your worst sins are still forgivable; he is not aloof – he has entered the world to make himself known and to draw us to himself as beloved children.

You wish to meet God?  I trust so, because in knowing him is the way to eternal life. Then take heart. God has made the first move. He has made himself open to you. He has one unique Son; his name is Jesus Christ; he joined in himself both true God and true man; if you come to God through him you will meet God , you will know God and you will have eternal life. No wonder the chief note at Christmas is one of joy.

Having eternal life means having eternal joy!  (Hat tip: the Anglican Church League of Australia)

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