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The Rev. William Klock: Two sermons on Genesis

April 29, 2012

From the Rev. William Klock of Living Word REC in British Columbia, here are two sermons on Genesis; he is beginning a new series on Genesis and I can tell you he is one of the best expositors on that Book.  Consequently this will be a series we will want to follow!

Fr. Bill makes three points that must be considered when thinking about Genesis and Creation:

First, God communicates his truth to us in Scripture, but that he does so through human writers and through their language and understanding of the world.  God spoke to them in the language they knew.  Instead of correcting their understanding of the world’s structure, he simply worked with it.  All human language has its limits and all human language is enculturated.  That doesn’t hinder God communicating his truth.  The second point was that ancient people, including the Israelites, thought of creation and existence in non-material terms—something very foreign to our modern scientific way of thinking.  To them creation and existence were about function and purpose.  And finally, my third point was that to interpret the Bible responsibly means that we have to first ask what it meant to the people to whom God originally spoke before we ask what it means to us today.  That means that we can’t impose our way of understanding the world or of understanding existence and creation on the text.  A lot of people do that and call it the “literal” interpretation, when in fact it isn’t literal at all.  It’s imposing our ideas on the text rather than letting the text speak for itself.

Points to ponder, indeed, as we go into this series.

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