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Dr. Michael Horton: “Why Do We Go to Church?”

May 26, 2012

Writing in the White Horse Inn Blog, Dr. Michael Horton has an essay that fits in well with the recent account of what Dr. Packer said about Martyn Lloyd-Jones – that he “took more of God into the pulpit with him”.  In the essay Why Do We Go to Church?, Dr. Horton might be said to be asking the same question of us as worshipers: are we taking more of God – or more of us – into the worship service?  This paragraph makes the point very well:

In short, the problem in many of our churches today is not only that we aren’t God-centered enough. It’s that even in our attempt to be God-centered, the focus is on what we bring the table rather than actually being on God and that remarkable work that he is doing in delivering Christ to us with all of his benefits. Only when we recover the biblical emphasis on God’s ministry to us—where he has appointed, when he has appointed, and through the means that he has appointed, will the priority of God’s grace in his covenant mercies be central. And only when this is central is our desperate need for regular participation in this feast evident as well. We come to church regularly not primarily to do something again, but to receive something again—and, yes, also to respond in gratitude. True enough: it isn’t about us, but it is for us. And a funny thing happens when we surrender to this divine charity: we actually become active again in faith and its fruit of love and service to others.

Let it be said of us that we make God central in our worship – that our services are about Him and His glory and grace.  Dr. Horton has some really good thoughts and I hope you’ll read the whole thing.  (Hat tip: British North America Freedom)

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