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Five blogs worth reading for Advent

December 19, 2012

I did want to mention no fewer than five blogs I have appreciated during Advent, one of which is new to me.  That blog is Life in the Scriptures, written by Bishop Dennis Campbell of the Anglican Orthodox Church.  In this blog, Bishop Campbell seeks to provide comments on the daily lessons for Morning and Evening Prayer, and these could be very helpful so I would commend Life in the Scriptures to you.

As always, Lent and Beyond is doing their usual sterling work in providing Advent and Christmas-related thoughts along with intercessory prayers for issues both ecclesiastical and secular.  What a ministry they have had for years, and hopefully will have for many years to come.

Somewhat like Bishop Campbell’s blog, Fr. Dennis Washburn has been a valuable resource for those seeking thoughts and commentary on the Book of Common Prayer and its Scripture readings.  I urge you to check out A BCP Anglican as well.

The Kentucky Parson has had some wonderful thoughts for Advent as well – particularly the post Jesus: Our Immanuel.  But note also the blog’s graphics such as this one, which makes me marvel at such creativity.

And, last but certainly not least, please take a look at Angliverse, where Teresa Roberts Johnson sums up in the poem Lamp to Our Feet what this season is about, as shown in this stanza:

In the beginning was the Living Word.
Then Word made flesh brought light and life to men,
And through His death new life has been transferred.
Now all must walk in Light who live in Him.

I strongly urge you to read the whole poem!

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  1. The Parson permalink
    December 19, 2012 6:52 pm

    Thank you for these kind words. To God be the glory. The Parson

  2. December 20, 2012 12:23 pm

    I, too want to thank you for the kind words. I continue to enjoy your blog, and those you recommend.

    +Dennis Campbell

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