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The Rev. William Klock: two more sermons on Genesis

January 31, 2013

From the Rev. William Klock of Living Word REC in British Columbia, here are two more sermons in his series on Genesis:

In the first of these messages, Fr. Bill makes a great point about believing God and taking Him at His word:

When God asks us to trust him, he also calls us to believe the impossible.  He called Abraham and Sarah to trust that he would give an old “worn out” couple a son who would become a great nation.  Impossible?  Yes.  But not for God.  And now he calls us to put our faith in the Son of Abraham’s impossible child; a Son who died for the sake of our sins and was impossibly raised from the dead so that we too, through faith in him, will be raised from the death brought by our sin.  But brothers and sisters, walking before God in faithful trust only begins as we put our faith in Jesus and his death and resurrection.  God calls us to continue to walk in faith.  He calls us to wait on him—on his ways and on his timing—as he leads us, as he cares for us, as he provides.  This is why St. Paul tells us, “whatever does not proceed from faith is sin” (Romans 14:23).  Faith trusts God—even with the impossible.  We fall into sin when we stop trusting in him and when we start trying to meet our wants and needs apart from him, apart from his timing, and apart from his plan.

Remember that with God all things are possible.  He is El-Shaddai; he is the God who controls everything he has made and causes it to serve his gracious plan.  He caused an old woman to bear a son; he caused a paralysed man to walk; he caused his own Son who died on a cross and was buried in the grave for three days to rise again to life; and he will cause every one of his promises to us to come to pass, no matter how difficult or seemingly impossible.  We need only walk in faith, giving up our doubts and letting go of our worldly sources of assurance, so that we trust in him alone.

Walking in faith can be tough sometimes, but I think it is easier when we remember He is an all-powerful, Sovereign God – able to do that which we may see as impossible.

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