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Athanasius on the meaning of His coming

March 27, 2013

Again from Faith and Life, here is a reading for Palm Sunday from the great Athanasius of Alexandria:

It was not to save Himself, but to save those who were condemned to death, that the immortal God came; and it was not for Himself, but for us, that He suffered: so that it was for this end that He took on Himself our meanness and our poverty, that He might bestow on us His own riches. For His Passion is our relief from suffering, and His Death is our immortality, and His tears are our joy, and His burial is our resurrection, and His baptism is our sanctification, and His stripes are our healing, and His chastisement is our peace, and His ignominy is our glory.

–St. Athanasius on the Incarnation and against the Arians, c. 5.

In His death we gain our new life.

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