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Another free book on Kindle: “The Hidden Life: Living Inside-Out to Release God’s Blessing” by Bryan Fraser

March 29, 2014

Another book now available for free on Kindle that I’d like to mention is Bryan Fraser’s The Hidden Life: Living Inside-Out to Release God’s Blessing. As readers will recall, one thing we have talked about is the need for Christians to bear fruit for the Lord.  Bryan Fraser, in this book, talks about the distinction between what we must do to bear fruit, and what we must be.  According to him, God brings forth His fruit not in those who do, but in those who are.  This is quite a distinction, and one I thought I’d mention for us all to consider.  His introduction to the book says this:

The Christian life is a struggle to make the unknown a reality. It is a struggle to an upward call that is completely beyond human experience and imagination. We are called to attain what we have not seen using powers we do not comprehend. Over and over again, the Bible teaches us that the key to spiritual victory is winning the battle within; that is, living openly, consistently and transparently before God. All the forces of hell are bent on preventing us from achieving this one thing. For to the degree that we neglect the inner man to focus on the external and the superficial, our efforts in spiritual work are futile and powerless.

This book is about who we are in our secret places; in other words, who we really are as opposed to who we think we are, who we say we are, who we wish we were or who we plan to be. It is about who we are when all the outer layers are stripped away and the hidden life is laid bare before God. Confronting who we are can be acutely painful, almost overwhelming. But it is only when we approach the cross as who we really are that our pain intersects the grace of Christ’s blood and He can transform us into who He means us to be.

If you are looking for another book on what amounts to discipleship and bearing fruit for the Kingdom, The Hidden Life: Living Inside-Out to Release God’s Blessing is worth a look.

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