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First thoughts on Logos Anglican software: cross-platform performance

April 24, 2014

As I had mentioned some time ago, Logos Software has kindly provided me a review copy of their Anglican Silver software package.  There is so much contained in this that I am still feeling my way around, but I wanted to mention here that Logos has achieved a remarkable degree of cross-platform performance.  This package, between Internet components and software/apps actually downloaded to one’s PCs and devices, performs very well on Windows PCs, tablets, and smartphones.  I have tested it on a laptop running Windows 7, a Kindle Fire tablet, and an Android smartphone, and to my surprise the tablet has been able to run the Logos app fairly well even though my DSL wi-fi is only the “lite” variety, running around .5 Mbps.  The smartphone, running Android 2.3, has much faster Internet access, and it handles the Logos app very well, while the Windows 7 laptop, because it has the resources downloaded to its hard drive, has no problems at all.

Below you will see the Home screen for Logos in Windows:


As you can see, there are a LOT of features…and this is only page 1 of 7 for the Home screen itself.  Next you will see two Kindle Fire screenshots that show the results of searches in the Bible Word Study application – one for the Hebrew elyon, and one for the Greek sophia.



Incidentally, to do a search for a Hebrew or Greek word in this feature, all one has to do is type “H:” or “G:” in the search bar, followed by the transliterated Hebrew or Greek word, such as H:elyon or G:sophia.  Notice the blue links in the text of the search results, such as “DBL Greek” or “BDB”: you can click on those and get more detailed information about the word from those sources.

And the reference library, as I said previously, is excellent – and it even shows up well on the Android smartphone screen, as you can see here.


Reading these works on a smartphone, or using the Bible study resources on such a screen, works well as long as one is willing to accept the limitations of a small screen.  But it is really something having such resources available on a smartphone one can carry in a pocket!  I will post some more thoughts about this Logos Anglican Software as I continue to learn about it, but so far I am impressed.

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