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From Bill Whittle: “My Friend Failure”

May 26, 2014

From commentator Bill Whittle comes this latest in his Firewall series, titled “My Friend Failure”.  He has some interesting thoughts about failure as we now have it in our society:

The problem is, it’s getting harder to fail in America. The founders of Apple, Amazon, Google – all of them say they could never get started in America today due to regulations gumming up our God-given Right to Fail. If there had been an FAA in the golden Age of Aviation, there never would have been a Golden Age of Aviation. They say aviation regulations are written in blood. We had to kill people in order to learn how not to. Failure became our friend.

And worse then that, the self esteem movement means that kids don’t even get to keep score playing Little League baseball. If you can’t survive failure on a baseball diamond at 10, you’re not likely to give it a try with a business plan at 30. Are you?

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