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Another presentation by Dr. William Lane Craig on “The Doctrine of Man” – Part 8

October 28, 2014

Here is another presentation by Dr. William Lane Craig, noted scholar and apologist for the Christian faith, on “The Doctrine of Man.”  In this one he talks about theories on whether there is no soul – either a reductive or a non-reductive physicalist view, which he explains well – and lists shortcomings of these views.  The argument he gives about what there being no real soul would mean for free will is significant:

Thirdly, free will seems impossible to reconcile with either reductive or non-reductive physicalism because on these views there is no causal connection between the states of awareness. The only causality is on the purely physical level. So that is totally determined by the laws of nature and the initial material conditions. So there just isn’t any room for freedom of the will.[3] So on this view, again, free will is an illusion – you never really do anything freely. And that flies in the face of our experience of ourselves as free agents. I can freely do certain things or freely choose to think about certain things. I am not simply determined by my brain states. So freedom of the will – if you believe in that – gives you reason to believe in the reality of the soul and to reject these reductive and non-reductive physicalist views.

The transcript can be read here, or you can watch the video below.

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