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Augustine of Hippo on the Incarnation

December 30, 2014

From Faith and Life, here again is another quote from the great Augustine on the Incarnation:

God showed us to what weakness man came by his own fault, and from what weakness he is delivered by Divine aid. Therefore the Son of God assumed manhood, and therein endured human sufferings. This healing of men is so great, that our thoughts cannot grasp it. For what pride can be healed, if it is not healed by the humiliation of the Son of God? What avarice, if not by the poverty of the Son of God? What anger, if not by the patience of the Son of God? What impiety, if not by the charity of the Son of God? Lastly, what cowardice, if not by the Resurrection of the body of Christ the Lord? Let mankind lift up their hope, and recognize their own nature ; let them see what place they hold in the works of God. O what a healing process, providing for all, repressing all tumours, reinvigorating all that was wasted, cutting off all superfluities, preserving all that is necessary, restoring all that was lost, correcting all that was depraved! Who can now extol himself against the Son of God? Who can despair of himself, for whom the Son of God willed to stoop so low?

–St. Augustine on the Christian Conflict, c. 11.

Who can despair, seeing how God loves us so?

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