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From Credo Magazine: “How Well Do You Know Your Bible?”

February 28, 2015

From Credo magazine, here is an issue titled How Well Do You Know Your Bible? that can be read online, or read as a PDF at this link.  Their introduction says:

How well do you know your Bible? Now that is a scary question, even if you have been a Christian for a long time. Between church events, little league games, and a full-time job, finding time to read and study Scripture is a herculean task. To make matters worse, when you finally do escape to read the Bible you struggle to understand what it means. At times you can relate with the Ethiopian eunuch who said to Philip when asked if he understood what he was reading, ‘How can I, unless someone guides me?’

As the rest of the introduction says, they are here to help – and with input by men such as Kevin DeYoung, Douglas Moo and Thomas Schreiner, I think you will indeed find this issue helpful.

(Hat tip: Anglican Church League)

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