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Dr. John MacArthur: “Cauterizing the Conscience” (Romans 2:14-15)

March 18, 2015

Here is a sermon by Dr. John MacArthur of Grace Community Church in California titled Cauterizing the Conscience that I think is quite relevant to today’s moral climate.  In this message, based on Romans 2:14-15, Dr. MacArthur points out that our society actually attacks the conscience:

Our society attacks that. Our society under the prince of the power of the air has two objectives. Objective number one is destroy the moral law so that the conscience is misinformed. Train people against what is innately the law that is in their hearts when they’re born, give them a new morality, not the morality of the Bible, not God’s law. We want people not to think biblically. We want them freed from that so we’ll construct another morality that will pour that into their lives through every means possible. That’s destructive.

And then the second thing that society wants to do orchestrated by the enemy of your souls is to tell you that your conscience is a liar. That’s what’s wrong with you isn’t sin, it’s a lack of…what?…self-esteem. It isn’t that you’re bad, it’s that you’re good and you need to think better of yourself. And so you need to turn off your switch. You need to say to your conscience, “Shut up, Gringo.” The wisdom of our age, the modern psychology says that guilt feelings are nearly always wrong, always erroneous, always harmful…switch them off. You’re good, you’re noble, and if you do go wrong it’s because you’re a victim of someone else’s views, or negative influence. The guilty conscience isn’t healthy, it shouldn’t be tolerated, switch it off.

So we have a whole society of people who are working hard to do that and succeeding and flying blind into a deadly crash. So the society wants to do two things, misinform the conscience and desensitize it. And so, always the world works on overturning biblical morality and replacing it with the tolerance of sin and it works on silencing the conscience…and that’s doubly deadly. The conscience is the soul reflecting on itself.

Quite a timely message, and you can listen to it here.


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