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The Rev. Roger Salter: “The Outcast of the People for the People” (Psalm 22:1-6)

April 13, 2015

From the Rev. Roger Salter, here is a post on his Living Oracles blog titled The Outcast of the People for the People that is based on Psalm 22:1-6.  As you will recall, this is a Messianic Psalm, and Rev. Salter notes:

How heart-wrenching the references to the Messiah in the Psalms happen to be.  They often reveal the heart of the Son of God to be in unutterable anguish.  We cannot grasp or imagine his transition from his princely place and due praise in heaven to the pains of hell.  The depth of his humiliation and suffering defy description.  No words match his horrifying experience of torture, terror, and forsakenness.  We have no perception of his grandeur in glory, nor of his groanings under the wrath of God.  We comprehend the grammar of the gospel but we can never gain its emotional force or estimate the demotion of Jesus from kingly status to criminal condemnation and the consequences of human rebellion.

Read the rest of his meditation for quite an unpacking of what this Psalm says about Jesus’ becoming “the outcast who turns and brings us home so that we should never bear the eternal death of being cast out.”

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