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The Rev. Kevin DeYoung: “Do Not Love the World”

May 9, 2015

For a while now I have been reading some of what Kevin DeYoung has to say on the Gospel Coalition blog, and have liked what he has to say.  So it is a privilege to be able to post this video of him speaking at the Ligonier National Conference this year.  He is speaking on “Do Not Love the World” and the YouTube notes sum it up well:

The Apostle John warns us not to love the world, and our fallen tendency to view the world as an ultimate end in itself means that we must fight against our dark inclinations to set our hearts on this age and its pleasures. But God created the world to glorify Himself, and as we make Him our ultimate end, we can identify the sins that manifest our love for the world and enjoy the Lord’s creation in an appropriate way. Rev. Kevin DeYoung calls on the Lord to restore us to a high view of the world as the arena of God’s glory, and he describes how Christians, in pursuing the light of God, can identify and fight against sin in the world while loving our enemies and blessing those who curse us.

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