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Prof. Carl Trueman on the need to “be deeply and seriously grounded in the historic, doctrinal, and elaborate Christian faith”

May 25, 2015

Tonight I came across what seems to be a prescient essay by Prof. Carl Trueman of Westminster Theological Seminary on Protest and Survive, But How.  He is writing about what is needed for the Church to stand against the prevailing cultural winds, and this excerpt is definitely something we all must realize:

The redefinition of human identity which we are witnessing today is so comprehensive in its scope that Christians need something equally comprehensive if they are to be able to hold fast their confession. And—mark this well—our children will only think that protest worthwhile if we have taken pains to teach them that the Church and her confession are important in the first place. Teach your children by precept and example that church is an optional extra and you teach them that protesting the world’s values is the folly of fools.

Churches which are doctrine-lite, or which define themselves with a ten or twelve point doctrinal statement, or which portray themselves as a nice, fun supplement to the more important things of life, are rather like the little pig who built his house of straw. When the wolf blows, the house will simply vanish in the wind. For Christians to continue to protest the world in the public square, they need first to be deeply and seriously grounded in the historic, doctrinal, and elaborate Christian faith. A faith built on Wikipedia articles or reducible to 140 characters points to no lasting city.

Make no mistake about this: the Church now faces as serious a challenge as has been faced since the first and second centuries.

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