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An interview with John Rinehart on “Gospel Patrons”

July 24, 2015

If you have pondered what you can do to help spread the Gospel and how to use what you have been given by the Lord for His Kingdom, this interview by Tony Payne of John Rinehart on the subject of “Gospel Patrons” could be quite helpful.  John Rinehart has written a very engaging book by that title, which is available on Amazon or on Matthias Media, and here is one short quote from that book:

This message of Gospel Patronage is not something new for a select few, but a focused application of the gospel for all of us. The truth is no matter how much or how little you have been given, there is eternity to think about what you did with it , and hearing Jesus say, “Well done” will be the only thing that matters.

The interview is well worth hearing, and it does cover much of what the book talks about (I am reading it now): what being a ‘gospel patron’ means, as well as challenging each of us to think about how we can better work for the Kingdom. (Hat tip: Anglican Church League and

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