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Another interesting podcast: Sheriff David Clarke on “Who Really Rules in America”

August 17, 2015

If one is seeking to understand why the Donald Trump candidacy has come on as strong as it has recently, this podcast by Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin on “Who Really Rules in America” sums up the way a lot of people are thinking these days.   This in turn leads to Trump’s popularity as a means of expressing dissatisfaction with both major political parties, since both parties are seen as being ruled by the elite whom Sheriff Clarke is talking about, rather than being responsive to the voters.  The Soundcloud comments say this:

Sheriff Clarke tells it how it is and in this episode he delves into who truly runs the United States, who really rules in America. A class of elites…academic elites, judicial elites, political party elites, coporate elites, they all have a foot in the game.

Also, how the political elites and the media are the most dominant forces and drive issues of the day. They determine what is talked about and for how long. How many scandals have come to light and how many have actually been resolved? The VA scandal, IRS scandal, Benghazi scandal, Fast and Furious, illegal immigration and Kate Steinle, Planned Parenthood…the list goes on, and nothing gets resolved.

Plus, the Donald Trump affect on political elites and one year after Ferguson, MO, and its affect on rising crime in major cities.

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