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The Rev. Dr. Benjamin Bernier: “Always Before his Eyes” (Psalm 11)

August 29, 2015

I had posted a link to a sermon, Understanding the Times, by the Rev. Dr. Benjamin Bernier of Providence REC in Texas – but wanted to mention the followup message he preached the subsequent week.  That message is Always Before His Eyes, based on Psalm 11.  Where the first message was about the changing cultural and social mores, Always Before His Eyes addresses the question: how should we respond to these cultural changes?  As Fr. Bernier notes,

Our first and instinctive response is to flee and try to find a secure place where we may be able to live in peace. And this is a good instinct, which God has given us, so that we may flee and survive before imminent danger whenever possible.

But the problem is that these moral convulsions we are talking about are not localized here or there. They are growing everywhere. In other words there is no place to run. So therefore there must be some other solution.

Fr. Bernier turns to Psalm 11 and gives us this counsel:

When things begin to turn black, when dark storm clouds appear on the horizon, when evil prevails in the city, what is the righteous to do?

He must turn to the Lord in prayer and praise, trusting that God will fulfill his purposes and promises of protection, guidance, preservation and blessing upon all those who trust in him, in all circumstances, even if in the short run evil may appear to prosper to the point of covering the earth.

This is why the Lord so often tells us not to be afraid.

All wickedness, regardless of how evil and cunning and powerful, will eventually be removed from this earth and the meek, those who trust in the Lord and their seed will inherit the earth for eternity.

With this conviction the righteous is able to stand firm for truth without fear in the midst of great contradiction and persevere giving witness to the truth as God allows him, to stand firm with hope and faith in the midst of great adversity and calamity, for he knows that in the end all things will work out for the good of those who Love him.

Notice then that there is a deeper struggle upon the earth than the obvious conflict between personal peace and adversity; there is a battle for our souls; the enemy’s plan is to so obfuscate the faithful with trouble that he may fall away from its sure foundation in God’s word; that they one way or the other stop trusting upon the Lord and obeying his word; the devil tries by every means possible to drive us away from our humble persuasion to patiently trust in the Lord because we know that eventually all his promises will be fulfilled and all evil conquered and all righteous vindicated.

He is certainly right about this – that we must stand firm, trusting the Lord to keep His promises, and not dwelling in fear.  I’d commend the rest of the message to you – very much worth reading.

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