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For the Second Thursday in Advent: again from John Chrysostom

December 10, 2015

Continuing with the Scriptures as the theme for this week in Advent, here is a quote from Faith and Life of John Chrysostom regarding the benefits of the Word:

The company of the Divine Scriptures is a haven free from billows, a wall that cannot be broken, a tower that cannot be shaken, a glory that cannot be taken away, armour impenetrable, gladness imperishable, pleasure uninterrupted, and every good thing you can mention. It keeps off sadness, it preserves cheerfulness, it makes the poor man wealthier than the rich, it compasses the rich with security, it makes the sinner righteous, it places the righteous in safe keeping, it plucks up evils that exist, it plants the good that existed not, it drives away wickedness, it leads back to virtue, —and not only so, but it roots virtue in men, and makes it remain stedfast; it is a spiritual medicine, a divine mysterious spell, a destroyer of passions.

–St. Chrysostom on Psalm xlviii.

And yet there are so many who do not avail themselves of these benefits.

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