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Dr. Ravi Zacharias answers the question “Why are you so afraid of subjective moral reasoning?”

May 29, 2016

Here is a question and answer exchange between Ravi Zacharias and a young man at the University of Pennsylvania.  The question posed by the young man was “Why are you so afraid of subjective moral reasoning? Do you think we all are just going to start raping and pillaging just because we don’t have a book telling us what to do? Are you afraid of that? I’m not because that’s not what we are going to do. Yes, Nazis were bad but there were Christian Nazis and atheist Nazis. So I don’t see… What are you so afraid of?”

To this Ravi quickly replied, “Do you lock your doors at night?” Watch his full response in the video below.  Dr. Zacharias is absolutely correct in what he says: the history of the twentieth century is sufficient to answer that question.


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