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Have we reached a point of no return? Jerry Bowyer interviews Eric Metaxas

June 11, 2016

Has the United States reached a point of no return? Jerry Bowyer, a contributor to Forbes magazine, has done a most interesting interview with author Eric Metaxas: Last Train Out: Eric Metaxas Says This Is It.  Bowyer sums up a major point of Metaxas’ thus:

Metaxas’ new book, If You Can Keep It, is intended as that final warning to the United States. We’ve lost something essential to the American Experiment in ordered liberty; we’ve lost the ‘golden triangle’. Three sides which connect together without which there is no longer a triangle. Metaxas’ gold triangle goes like this: Freedom depends on virtue; virtue depends on faith; faith depends on freedom. That triangle has not just been broken; it’s been forgotten. And if it’s forgotten it cannot be redrawn.

I found the interview to be quite thought-provoking, and well worth reading.  If you would rather listen to the audio, you can do so here, or try the player out below.

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