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Prayer requests and a bit more

July 1, 2016

In the last two days I have heard about two cancer cases, one of whom I know personally, and one I do not know.  I will first mention the one I do know – a lady named Laura, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  She is just now beginning treatment and eventually will have surgery of some type (and possibly radiation).  If you would, please keep her in your prayers.

The second patient is Dawn Faust Bibby of Florida, who has had a recurrence of cancer.  Her GoFundMe page explains her status quite well, but to condense this as well as I can, I will quote a paragraph from that page:

Now in 2016, I need your help to beat cancer a third time. I  have been diagnosed with advanced tumors in my lungs, bones and liver.  Again, the local doctors have written me off.  Another physician in Miami, Dr. Beatriz Amendola , has the ability to beat this with a procedure called Varian Edge .  This machine combined with drug therapy is greatly effective.  However, my insurance company has denied coverage,   If I want to live, I must pay CASH.  The Varian Edge alone, will cost at least $150,000.  There will be CT scans, PET scans, MRIs, the drug regimen, co-pays and of course transportation and time away from work for my husband.

I have to say I admire her fighting spirit. If you would, please keep Dawn Faust Bibby in your prayers, and if you are moved to donate to her treatment fund, you can do so here.

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