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From Preaching Matters: Andy Gemmill on “Preaching 2 Timothy”

July 22, 2016

From St. Helen’s Bishopsgate in the United Kingdom, here is another episode of Preaching Matters.  Their website says this about “Preaching 2 Timothy” with Andy Gemmill:

In what ways do people often misread 2 Timothy? Is the letter really about an experienced Christian worker handing over to a novice? What is the main focus of 2 Timothy? How can we understand the historical situation and context into which 2 Timothy is written? How is it possible for someone like Timothy to be drifting from Paul’s pattern of ministry? Is Paul addressing the same issues in 1 Timothy as he does in 2 Timothy? What key applications can we draw from 2 Timothy? Why should we teach 2 Timothy in our congregation when it seems to be addressed to a pastor?

Andy Gemmill, our guest at Preaching Matters this month, answers these questions for us.

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