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An interesting website: “The Development of the Canon of the New Testament”

October 21, 2016

Tonight I thought I would mention a website on The Development of the Canon of the New Testament.  If you are interested in this topic, Glenn Davis has created a site that covers this, and he writes:

This survey covers a small part of the huge body of New Testament studies — how the Church selected certain writings as authoritative and separated them from a larger body of early Christian literature. In view of the central importance that the New Testament has within Christianity, it is amazing that there is an absence of detailed accounts of such a significant process. My goal is to collect and organize the information that is available, and make it easily accessible in the form of hypertext (see the Hypertext Conventions). I especially hope this site will be useful to persons who cherish the New Testament, but are unfamiliar with the history of its development. For this development ‘at a glance’, see the Cross Reference Table: Writings and Authorities.

In particular I found the page about how the Early Fathers mentioned portions of the books of the New Testament, here, quite helpful.

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