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Further from St. Maximus on the Epiphany

January 7, 2017

Here is another excerpt from Faith and Life, from a sermon by St. Maximus on the Epiphany.

When Chaldeans, led on by the rays of a specially brilliant star, adored the Christ, there was given to the Gentiles a hope of worshipping the true God. When water, by a new order of things, was turned into wine, a foretaste was given us of the Sacrament of the new Cup. And when the Lamb of God was baptized, that gift of regenerating Baptism, which is so salutary to us, was consecrated. Therefore, since we have lately kept the Nativity of our Saviour with exulting gladness, we are bound, for His honour, and with hearty devotion, to celebrate also this birthday of His mighty works. And how rightly are these three mysteries proclaimed by us as wrought on one day, seeing that we confess the mystery of the ineffable Trinity under the one name of God! By means of these miracles, therefore, Christ our Lord and Redeemer was pleased to reveal Himself to the eyes of men, that His invisible Godhead which lay hidden in His Manhood might display itself in His working. Let us therefore spiritually rejoice in spiritual gifts, casting aside all sensual pleasure; that the light of the heavenly star may irradiate the darkness of our hearts, the blessing of the Father’s voice illumine us, and the wine of salvation gladden us when poured out by Christ’s hand.

–St. Maximus, Sermon on the Epiphany.

He certainly conveys a sense of the threefold wonder we remember on the Feast of the Epiphany.

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