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For the First Sunday after the Epiphany: a reading from Augustine of Hippo

January 8, 2017

One of the readings for the First Sunday after Epiphany is the account of Jesus being found in the Temple by His parents (Luke 2:41), and in the book Faith and Life, there is a quote from St. Augustine that addresses this, which I have quoted before:

When our Lord Jesus Christ was in regard to His Manhood twelve years old, while in regard to His Godhead He is before all times and independent of time, He tarried behind Joseph and Mary in the temple, and talked with the doctors, and they were astonished at His understanding. But His parents returning from Jerusalem sought Him in their company,—and, not finding Him, returned in distress to Jerusalem, and found Him talking in the temple with the doctors, when He was, as I said, twelve years old. But what marvel? The Word of God is never silent; but He is not always heard. He is then found in the temple, and His Mother says to Him, “Why hast Thou thus dealt with us? Thy father and I have sought Thee sorrowing.” He answers, “Did ye not know that I must be in what belongs to My Father?” This He said, because He, the Son of God, was in the temple of God; nor did He wish to be in such a sense their son as not to be understood to be the Son of God. For the Son of God was always the Son of God, the Creator of those very parents of His.

–St. Augustine, Sermon li.

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