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The Rev. Coty Pinckney: “The Making of a Man of God” (Genesis 29:31-31:55)

March 15, 2017

Here is the next in a good series of audio sermons on the Book of Genesis from the Rev. Coty Pinckney of Desiring God Community Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Its title is The Making of a Man of God and it is based on Genesis 29:31-31:55.  The sermon text introduces the topic as follows:

Today’s passage in Genesis tells the stories of God’s work in the lives of four main characters over thirteen years: Leah, Rachel, Jacob, and Laban.

God works in strange ways in each of their lives, leading them through challenges, through stress, through disputes with each other. In three cases, we can see some impact of God’s work in their lives. As these three each show an increasing acknowledgment of the work of God in their lives, God seems to have them on the path to becoming a man or woman of God. None shows evidence of a complete conversion – but God is at work. The fourth, however, shows no such evidence; he stands as a warning to us all of the danger of rejecting God.

We will look at the mysterious ways God works in the lives of these four characters, and consider the lessons we can learn for our own lives from them.

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