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For the Fourth Sunday in Lent: Augustine of Hippo on being citizens of the Heavenly Jerusalem

March 27, 2017

Another excerpt from Faith and Life for the Fourth Sunday in Lent is this one from Augustine of Hippo:

The citizens of the Heavenly Jerusalem are all the sanctified men that have been, and that are, and that will be; and all the sanctified spirits, even all those that in the heights of heaven obey God with pious devotion, and do not imitate the impious pride of the devil and his angels. The King of this city is our Lord Jesus Christ, the Word of God, by whom the highest Angels are governed, and the Word assuming manhood that by Him men also might be governed, who will all reign together with Him in eternal peace.

–St. Augustine on Catechizing the Simple, c. 20.

This Lent, let us ensure our heavenly passports are validated.

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