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The Rev. Coty Pinckney: “Putting Off Obedience” (Genesis 33-34)

April 24, 2017

Here is the next in a good series of audio sermons on the Book of Genesis from the Rev. Coty Pinckney of Desiring God Community Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Its title is Putting Off Obedience and it is based on Genesis 33-34.  The sermon text introduces the topic as follows:

How would you define “obedience”?

Suppose I tell my son Matthew, “Collect the trash around the house, put it in the rolling trash container outside, and then roll the container out to the street.”

Matthew says, “Yes sir, I’ll do it.”

Later on I’m in my office and I see the trash truck come up our street – and go right by the house. I look and see our trash container is still up against the house. And I still have a pile of trash in my office trashcan.

So I find Matthew and say, “Matthew, you disobeyed!”

And he says, “No, I just haven’t obeyed YET. I said ‘I’ll do it,’ and I will – tomorrow!”

In that (fictitious) story – did Matthew obey? Is obedience tomorrow the same as obedience today?

My friends, the answer is NO. Delayed obedience is disobedience.

These are very good questions – and you can hear some answers in this message.

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