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Dr. Al Mohler: “Ask Anything Live”, episode 1

April 26, 2017

If you like the thinking and writing of Dr. Albert Mohler of the Southern Seminary (SBC), here is an interesting video where he answers questions from his audience.  Questions include:

00:01 What is your reading process?
04:25 Does underestimating the sufficiency of Scripture lead to denying the inerrancy of Scripture?
06:51 If you could tell your 20 year-old self anything, what would you say?
10:53 How would you define the phrase “Christian worldview”?
14:41 What advice would you give to a Christian who is in law school?
18:50 How should Christians reconcile being in favor of capital punishment but against abortion?
25:27 How can more and less Calvinistic Southern Baptists acknowledge differences but move forward in unity?
33:30 How can churches preach and live out racial reconciliation?
38:21 What is your opinion on the current climate debate and man’s role in affecting the environment?
46:33 What do we do if there are no churches in our area that line up with our theology?
53:53 Do you consider the liberal arts a valuable area of study – even in this age of technology?
57:55 How do Christians in the military submit to superiors, protect subordinates, and honor God when it comes to the transgender issue?

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