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The Rev. Peter Toon: “Doctrine as Doxology”–on the 39 Articles

May 30, 2017

I mentioned this booklet, “Doctrine as Doxology”, by the Rev. Dr. Peter Toon over ten years ago, and thought it might be good to mention it again.  The Prayer Book Society of the USA made Doctrine as Doxology, a 44-page booklet in PDF format, available for our edification. This booklet is compiled from a series of four lectures given by Fr. Toon at a conference near Seattle in 2006. It is subtitled “THE THIRTY-NINE ARTICLES OF RELIGION of THE ANGLICAN WAY as a CONFESSION OF FAITH in close relation to THE BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER & THE ORDINAL,” and covers these topics:

1. Yesterday’s Statement & Today’s Truth
2. The Blessed, Holy and Undivided Trinity
3. Jesus Christ, One Person made known in Two Natures
4. One Canon & Two Testaments: The Word of God written

While this series by no means covers the entirety of the Thirty-Nine Articles, it is a good introduction to the first portion of the Articles and shows the level of insight that Fr. Toon had into doctrine and worship.

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