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From the American Anglican Council: “General Synod July 2017: Five steps away from Biblical Christianity”

July 13, 2017

This report from the American Anglican Council, General Synod July 2017: Five steps away from Biblical Christianity, by Susie Leafe (director of Reform UK) is quite a sobering one.  It is clear that the results of this General Synod were not good.  As Susie Leafe writes:

Again and again, both the decisions made, and the manner in which they were made, showed scant regard for Scripture or the traditions of the Church. Instead, members were asked to base their decisions on emotional stories or the impact of secular headlines…

In the space of four days, the General Synod of the Church of England have, in effect, rejected the doctrines of creation, the fall, the incarnation, and our need for conversion and sanctification Instead we have said that we are ‘perfect’ as we are, or as we see ourselves, and that the Church should affirm us and call on God to validate our choices. No wonder we do not want to proclaim Christ’s unique identity and significance for all people.

We have chosen to understand the world through secular reports, unconscious bias training, the teaching of other religions and the results of polls and media headlines, rather than the unchanging word of God.

Please read the whole thing and keep the Church of England in your prayers.  This event has certainly made the recent consecration of Andy Lines as a missionary bishop seem ever more necessary.

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