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A cautionary note regarding Hugh Ross

July 15, 2017

A reader sent this link, Hugh Ross Church Fathers, that has something of a cautionary note regarding Hugh Ross and his website’s ideas about some of the early Church Fathers having taught “old-earth” creationism.  You might want to read that link to be fully informed.  John Millam, a supporter of Hugh Ross, is quoted as writing:

Based on my own research, no early church father taught any form of a day-age view or an earth older than 10,000 years [emphasis ours]. In fact, the first people that I can clearly identify as teaching the old-earth view are Isaac Newton and Thomas Burnet in the late seventeenth century. This seems like a fatal blow to old-earth creationism and a strong vindication of Mook’s position but closer examination shows otherwise.

I actually did not know that about Thomas Burnet, either.

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