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A repost: “Four Rules” by Charles Simeon

July 16, 2017

This is a repost as I have not mentioned it in several years – but I think it is something worth pondering.  On the old blog, in 2004, I had posted “Four Rules” by the great Anglican evangelical of the nineteenth century, Charles Simeon.  I think now is not a bad time to repost these, as they speak, I think, to matters we all face in this world:

1) However advanced a man may be in piety or age, he is still in danger of falling.

2) Temporal prosperity is very unfavorable for spiritual development.

3) Smaller sins, if not guarded against, in time will issue in the greatest.

4) Every sin we commit is aggravated by the mercies we receive.

Certainly it seems to me that all of these remain as true as when Simeon wrote them; I suppose this is because human nature does not change.  They are also valid reminders for each of us, no matter whether clergy or laity; no matter how old we are, we remain subject to temptation–and it is our responsibility to our fellow believers to flee from temptation, lest we bring reproach upon the household of faith, the ecclesia of God.  May God give us wisdom to flee to Him in all such matters of temptation.

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