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The Rev. Dr. Peter Adam: “Advice to a Young Preacher”

January 10, 2018

Writing in Tabletalk magazine, Dr. Peter Adam has an excellent article on Advice to a Young Preacher.  Indeed, much of it applies to those of us who do not preach, and the rest of it should help us remember (and seek to assist) the work our clergy do.  I found his point #11 particularly powerful and it applies to each of us in our own way:

Learn to die to sin and to live to righteousness. What will hinder your usefulness in ministry and preaching is not your lack of gifts, resources, or opportunities; it is your sin. And your sins include personal sins, relational sins, and sins of ministry. We sin in ministry when we use people or abuse them, when we do not pray for them, do not love them, do not serve them. I sometimes ask preachers, “How long has it been since you changed the way you live because of something you read in the Bible?” I sometimes ask ministers, “What are your current personal and relational sins, and are you putting them to death and living a new life in Christ?” I sometimes ask ministers, “What are your sins of ministry, and are you putting them to death and walking in newness of life?” And of course, I remind them, as I remind myself, that our greatest and most grievous sins are against God. But also I remind them of how wonderful God’s love is in Christ, the atoning sacrifice for our sins. And how powerful is the blood of Christ, which cleanses us from the guilt and power of sin. God even forgives sins of ministry. Learn to repent every day.

If you have the time, read the whole thing, because it is very much worth the time.  (Hat tip: Anglican Church League)

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