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The Rev. Robert Hart: Sermon for Rogation Sunday

May 6, 2018

This being Rogation Sunday, here is a sermon preached by Fr. Robert Hart for Rogation Sunday in 2006.  This sermon has remained in my memory all this time because it is one of the best Rogation Sunday sermons I have ever come across, so I am mentioning it for this Sunday.  For one thing, Fr. Hart has some really good points about being grateful for our blessings, and true religion:

Well, we know about the blessing of the crops, and what it has come to mean in terms of the annual celebration of Rogation Sunday. We must be thankful to God because of every good thing He gives us, including the crops of the field and every provision. To have the work of our hands blessed by God, so that our labors are fruitful, and meaningful, is a necessary part of health and the whole of life. Furthermore, let us consider these earthly blessings in light of the Epistle, especially the definition given by Saint James of “true religion.” To be a “doer of the Word” is about those things that we are commanded to do- not just those things we are commanded not to do. Every “thou shalt not” commandement is simply part of the two great “thou shalt” commandments: namely, to love God with our whole being, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Whatever we have of earthly blessings are not meant to be hoarded, but shared with those who are in need; and we must also think on a higher level than these earthly things, or else instead of being mindful of the needs of the poor, as Saint James speaks of “the fatherless and widows in their affliction,” we will be spotted by the world. We can be people of true charity, or we can become carnal. It seems there can be no middle ground.

But there is a great deal more to this sermon, and I hope you will read the whole thing.

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